The “X”

Three years ago we started something of unthinkable.

My 4th company – DyCode, a software development company – has been around 8 years at the time of this story. It’s already in a mature state, where the internal processes has been run well and automated without much of my interference. My highly appreciation to fellow top and middle layer management for making it happens. Then I asked myself, what’s next?

I have to admit that I get bored quite easily for something settled. Back in 2009, when DyCode’s offering and revenue around Line of Business (LoB) applications – that we built around web technologies, .NET, SharePoint, VSTO – got matured, I quickly got bored and chose to explore new technologies. By the launch of the first iPhone by Apple, then followed by the introduction of App Store and iPhone SDK in 2008, it marked the new wave of mobile application industry. I quickly explored the iPhone SDK, register to Apple’s iPhone developer program, developed boring sample projects that finally lead into our 1st iPhone application in May 2010, Movreak. Long story short, in 2010 DyCode was one of the first handful pioneers in iPhone application development in Indonesia, and started to offer custom app development services around it, which at that time we helped Astra International transitioning from legacy BlackBerry apps into iPhone OS-based apps. DyCode was fully transitioned into mobile apps development in 2012 by leveraging our expertise in iOS app development, that’s soon followed by other platforms: Nokia Symbian, MeeGo, S40, Series 60 (which all now already “dead”), then Windows Phone and Android.

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Movreak for iOS v5

Movreak is one of the oldest iOS apps from Indonesia, that stays alive for 7 years since May 2010. Please mention one or two apps released in about the same year that still exists until now 🙂

It finally got a major update in version 5, which brings Movreak to its core – a movie showtime and review app – yet with abundance of new and supercharged stuffs. The last major update was 4 years ago, when I was still the only one who did everything from iOS frontend to everything in the backend – including the mighty movie and showtime crawlers. All was with the help from my wife on UI design, as I suck at it.

Version 5 brings the heavily redesigned UI, streamlined features, and hey… it’s built from the ground up. Yes, we literally threw away all of the old code, create new project in Xcode and select Swift as the programming language, and scavenge any algorithms as much as we can from the old code. Up until this version, Movreak was still written in Objective-C – that some of you may never see what it looks like – a C-wrapper, reference counted, OOP language, that’s very hard to get it right. Don’t get me wrong, Objective-C is powerful, and it’s safe and sound, still well-maintained by Apple. Continue reading Movreak for iOS v5

8 Years and Beyond

It’s DyCode’s 8th anniversary.

It’s amazing adventure so far, and I’m so grateful to be part of it. It’s amazing feeling to be able to help enterprises, startups, communities, and personals with the journey of DyCode, and also to make DyCode as the second home for more 50 DyCodes and ex-DyCoders so far.

When I co-founded DyCode with 5 other friends 8 years ago, we never thought that DyCode will be as it is today. At that time, we only thought that DyCode was our answer to software development industry in Indonesia that we’d put more focus on software quality and technologies underlying it, also early adopting technologies to optimise the software value, instead of just delivering mediocre software. We’ve been doing a lot of coding, hack things up, learn and explore new things.

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