Talk: End-to-End Mobile App Development

Yesterday (March 15), I had an exciting opportunity to share technical stuffs with a community that was not in my circle before, called ProCodeCG in their weekly meetup called codeMeetup(). The great man behind it is pak Budi Rahardjo is well-known veteran in startup and IT scene in Indonesia, which happens to be someone that I admire since I knew him when I’m undergraduate student in ITB. Finally met him in person, my first impression was how humble and smart he is. Great person to discuss stuffs, movie, government, Bandung, and of course, coding.

Although the event was attended by 10 persons, but they are all senior coders and seriously want to know about iOS development and backend service stuffs. It’s amazing feeling when you could share technical stuffs to audiences that keen on learning and quickly understand what you’re talking about. It’s also great opportunity to share about Azure Mobile Services, a backend service that’s arguably not well-know within Bandung startups scene.

It’s a great honour being able to meet awesome persons and discuss with them. Can’t wait to share more and deeper iOS and Azure stuffs with their communities.

I used this slide during the sharing:


And, this is the final Xcode project source code I use for live coding:

And it’s not complete without some photos. Here they are:

Demoing Azure Mobile Services

After the talk

Some photo credit: ProCodeCG

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